Support services ensure seamless operation of the IT systems of our clients and swift problem-solving. Support services also include IT expansion opportunities and an up-to-date overview of the status of the client’s IT systems.



IT support includes the widest selection of contractual services. The terms and conditions are agreed based on the needs of the specific client and may include only a few stand-alone services, such as Service Desk or monitoring, or full service. We provide support both to small companies and multinationals that operate in the Baltic States or in Scandinavia.


IT support to SMEs

Typical to Estonian general business landscape, our clients mostly comprise SMEs. IT services will be subcontracted only after the company has grown sufficiently big or their IT solution has become complex and IT issues have turned into a constraint to their business operation.

We were approached by a company that had ten computer workplaces which IT support was provided by an acquaintance who was an IT specialist. As one person could not always respond fast enough and the company needed more reliable and modern IT solutions, we concluded a basic agreement with the company. We mapped the situation and documented the existing solutions, devices, responsible parties and other service providers (ISP, accounting software support, specialized solutions, etc.).

We appointed an engagement manager and an IT specialist for the client who can be substituted in case of need; the company can use Service Desk for support as well. Within four months, all the problems were solved and the client had got an overview of their IT systems. The client is satisfied with the subcontracted services as the response times have improved, new and less complex IT solutions have been deployed and the client is assured that they get answers to their questions.

Today, the company uses Office 365 as their email solution that includes an office software suite. The accounting software has been upgraded to be accessible remotely over the internet without the need to go to the office. We have installed a new Wi-Fi solution and improved internet speed but did not increase current expenses.


International IT support

We have several international clients who require IT services based on international standards and SLA-based requirements. Clients need the capability to monitor the services; the administration software is based on the ITIL framework or other best practices. If necessary, we fulfil different roles, such as offering local support to the international unit of the company or providing services abroad as well.

Our client is a finance sector company that started their business in Estonia with 10 employees. The company has grown over time into an international corporation with 100 employees and offices in seven countries. We have set up centralized IT support and Service Desk service for the company, and we provide on-site services with local partners in all the countries. Our role is to be the administrator to Active Directory and Office 365 services created in AWS; we also manage their LAN solutions and VPN across all the locations. We consult the IT manager and unit managers of the company. As the company grows, we have managed the relocation of the IT systems of their offices, starting from selecting new ISPs, supervising building and setting up server rooms to physical moving of servers and network equipment.