Our full-service IT management covers also specific IT areas (business software, surveillance solutions) if needed.



The IT manager of the Estonian branch of an international logistics company where we had done several IT infrastructure-related work left the company. Due to a mission-critical ongoing integration project of IT applications there was no time to find a new specialist. We were asked to take over the role of IT management and the management of the integration project.

During the takeover it soon became clear that the scope of work was big and different competencies were required, so a person fulfilling the role of the IT manager and a support tech started to work with our client. Initially, our client estimated the length of our support to be 2–3 months; eventually, it emerged into a two-year contract until the corporation finished reorganization for centralized IT support. During the project, we represented the company with their clients and partners and were accountable to the IT department of the corporation.

We worked closely together in the project with the participating employees of the company to map the work processes in order to define specific tasks to the developer for setting up the integration solution. In addition, we organized and performed testing with third party developers and the employees of the company.

We mainly provided on-site IT support where our role was to protect the interests of the Estonian branch, and problem-solving in cooperation with the IT unit of the corporation located in Finland and the IT manager of the Baltic States. One of the biggest projects was the network deployment in the new facilities of the Estonian branch and compiling network documentation.