We have experience with projects of different scale and in various industries as a subcontractor, co-ordinator, project manager, consultant or supervisor.



IT audit and budget

Irrespective of the size of the project, IT consulting begins with mapping the current situation and needs. If necessary, we will perform a thorough IT audit.

A service sector company needed a comprehensive IT audit together with an action plan for complete IT overhaul, both technical and organisational. Our task was to perform the audit and take over the entire IT management, to map the current situation, plan the future and streamline IT. Taking into account the size of the company (350 employees in 18 locations all over Estonia) and the complexity of their IT solutions, we offered the service of a full-time IT-manager to the client.

We determined the IT policy of the company, their IT partners, which services were provided and how they functioned; which business processes were used in a month and by whom; what was the financial position of the company for implementing the change or streamlining the system; what would be the work schedule. This understanding facilitated the administration of functional IT activities. Close cooperation with the client and participation in weekly management meetings fostered quick and successful results. An IT budget for the next two years that included all the costs was drawn up for implementing major changes.

The next step was deployment of change when we took over the role of their existing IT department and reorganized their partner relations. Our major tasks included consolidating their servers, incl the installation of a new storage array and a new backup solution, and new LAN architecture with replacement of firewalls and Wi-Fi equipment. As a result, the monthly current expenses of the client were reduced three times compared with the existing solution, let alone the new opportunities that emerged.


IT relocation

If a company needs to move into new premises, we will take care of IT relocation, from internet connections to setting up new server rooms.

The expansion of an international accounting firm resulted in the need of more office space. As their IT support partner, we had gained good understanding of their existing IT system. We assisted our client in evaluating the IT preparedness of their new office, checked the compliance to the wiring standards and the technical condition of the server room. During relocation, we replaced their office network equipment and helped to re-establish internet connection with minimum interruption of work. Thorough preparation of the move enabled the employees of the company to seamlessly continue their work in the new office.


Recruitment of IT personnel

We recruit IT personnel for our clients as we know their needs and as the future employee will work closely together with us. On the other hand, the client is not competent or experienced enough to find them. Together with the client, we pinpoint the need for the existing or future job, compile the ads, hold screening job interviews, and if necessary, detail the job description. We have recruited both local IT specialist and experts of other business software (Oracle, MS NAV, SAP).


IT solution for a conference centre

Our clients are from various business sectors, therefore, we need to offer manifold IT services and solutions. A good example is an IT solution for a conference centre.

We participated in a public tender that included the installation of the IT solutions for a new conference and training centre in cooperation with the weak current and conference solutions suppliers. Our task was to install and set up network equipment, switches, firewalls and Wi-Fi equipment; installation of servers and backup devices in the server room, and the replacement of old file and email solutions with new equipment and software; the setup of various conference equipment and information screens; relocation of all computer workstations to the new premises and their setup in the new information system.